Lumberyard Restaurant: Roasted Chicken Dinners To Go

Most of us locals here in Laguna Beach are big fans of resident-friendly Lumberyard Restaurant. Their happy hours rock … their food is a nice combo of comfort food (the only chicken pot pie in town; it is ungodly) and great foodie fare (cedar planked Salmon) … they provide amazing, under-the-radar non-profit support … and their […]

GG’s Bistro: A Euro Café for Leisurely Sunday Breakfast

For nine years now, the two husband-and-wife teams of GG’s Italian Mediterranean Bistro have managed to keep the life in the main level of this 540 South Coast Highway complex. GG’s Bistro splits its restaurant between a lovely in-house dining and bar establishment tucked in the corner, and an upfront patio dining experience. While GG’s […]